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5. Sınıf İngilizce My Daily Routine Dialogue Testleri


5.Sınıf İngilizce IV.Ünite MY DAİLY ROUTİNE DİALOGUE hoş geldiniz değerli öğrencilerimiz bilgi seviyenizi arttırmak için  Sizlere çok güzel sorular ve proplemleri  hazırladık , Başarılar diliyoruz.

Soru 1

A: _______ do you eat lunch ?
B: at twelve o’clock.

A when
B how
C what
D what time

Soru 2

A: How do you go to school every morning?
B: _______

A by plane
B by foot
C with car
D by bus

Soru 3

A: __________________
B: at quarter past nine.
A: Thank you.

A What time is it ?
B When do you go to bed ?
C What do you do ?
D What mark is your watch ?

Soru 4

A: Does your parents live in Mersin ?
B: _______________________

A No, they aren’t. They are in Ankara.
B My parents like Tarsus a lot.
C Yes, they do. They are in love with this city.
D They are from Mersin.

Soru 5

A: What do you do in the evenings ?
B: _________________________
A: Have a good time !

A My homework is too difficult.
B I don’t like staying at home.
C I am very bored these days.
D I usually go out with friends.

Soru 6

A: _________________________
B: She is a teacher in a high school.
A: That is very good for you.

A What does your mother do ?
B What is your mother like ?
C What is your father’s job ?
D Is your mother at home ?

Soru 7

A: What kind of movies do you usually watch ?
B: Actually, I like watching comedy movies.
A: ________________________
B: Hababam Sınıfı is number 1.

A Do you like comedy movies ?
B What is your favourite comedy movie ?
C I definitely hate comedy movies.
D Everybody likes watching them.

Soru 8

A: Do you read adventure novels ?
B : __________ . I rarely read them.

A I agree with you.
B Not really.
C I think so.
D That is not true.

Soru 9

A: Do you support any team ?
B: Yes, I support Liverpool.
A: ___________________
B: In England.

A Really? So do I.
B Are you kidding ?
C I hate football.
D Where is it ?

Soru 10

A: Do you have a baby, Jenna ?
B: __________________
A: I am not married.

A Yes. Her name is Elena.
B No. I don’t have much time.
C Yes, I have two daughters and you ?
D Yes, they are very cute.


1- D

2- D

3- A

4- C

5- D

6- A

7- B

8- B

9- D



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