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5. Sınıf İngilizce My Town Dialog Testi


5.Sınıf İngilizce II.Ünite MY TOWN DİALOG TESTİ hoş geldiniz değerli öğrencilerimiz bilgi seviyenizi arttırmak için  Sizlere çok güzel sorular ve proplemleri  hazırladık , Başarılar diliyoruz.

Soru 1

A: Do you know where the library is ?
B: _______________________

A Do you ever go to libraries ?
B I don’t go to library.
C Go along the main street and turn right.
D There is a big library here.

Soru 2

A: _________________________
B: You can buy it in a bookshop.

A Can I buy two tickets ?
B Where can I buy a notebook ?
C What can I buy in a bookshop ?
D I haven’t got any notebook.

Soru 3

A: In which Region is İzmir ?
B: _______________________
A It is in Agean.
B It is in Turkey.
C It is a big city.
D It is in Marmara.

Soru 4

A: _____________________
B: Madrid.

A How long are you in Spain ?
B Are you in Spain ?
C Where is Spain ?
D What is the capital of
Spain ?

Soru 5

A: Do you know how to get to the zoo ?
B: ____________________

A: Thank you so much.
A I hate dogs and crocodiles.
B Sorry, I can’t hear you.
C I absolutely agree with you.
D Turn left at the corner
and walk two blocks.

Soru 6

A: I think we are lost. Do you have a map?
B: ______________________

A The hospital is too far.
B Unfortunately, I don’t.
C Where is the nearest hotel ?
D We are on the right way.

Soru 7

A: ________________________
B: He is only two years old.

A How old are you ?
B How old is this building ?
C How old is your son ?
D How old are they ?

Soru 8

A: Is the car park behind the hospital or near the school ?
B: ______________________

A Yes, it is near the school.
B It is behind the hospital.
C No, it isnt behind the hospital.
D Car park is in front of the library.

Soru 9

A: ______________
B: I am at school.

A Where are you ?
B Are you at home ?
C Where is the school ?
D Is the school far from
here ?

Soru 10

A: My uncle works in a bank.
B: _______________

A: Denizbank.
A How can I go to the bank ?
B How many banks are there in your city ?
C He is a bank employer.
D What is the name of the bank ?


1-  C

2-  B

3-  A

4-  D

5-  D

6-  B

7-  C

8-  B

9-  A

10- D


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