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Important Kelimesiyle İngilizce En Güzel Kelimeler

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Sevgili takipçilerimiz, sizlere ilkokul öğrencilerimiz için kelimelerle örnek cümleler hazırlayarak onların gelişiminde katkıda bulunarak eğitim hayatlarında daha fazla adapte olmalarını sağlamaya çalışacağız. İlkokul dönemlerinde kelimelerle kurulan cümleler öğrencilerin gelişiminde, okumalarında, kelime haznelerinde büyük verim ve katkı sağlamaktadır. Verilen kelimeyle kurulan, kurulmaya çalışılan cümleler öğrencilerin kişisel gelişimiyle birlikte hafızalarını güçlendirecektir. Bizlerde sizlere bu konuda destek olmaya çalışacağız.

Important Kelimesiyle İngilizce En Güzel Kelimeler Nelerdir

Important Kelimesiyle İngilizce En Güzel Kelimeler

  • However, there are important factors that give a strong impulse to reductivist reasoning.
  • Grignard reagents have become important in industry.
  • It was from the most important artists of Europe and North America in the twentieth century.
  • It is an important source of hydroelectric power.
  • The Annales were yearly chronicles that reported only the more important occurrences.
  • Their most important surviving work is the tomb (1330) of Bishop Guido Tarlati, in the cathedral at Arezzo.
  • An important Fokker development was a synchronizer that enabled machine guns to fire through the aircraft propeller arc.
  • It is important to maintain a rather high humidity level.
  • Also the well established commercial industry and the business services sector have had an important growth in this country.
  • An important item that is worth noting is the varied livestock production of this country.
  • There’s an important difference between talking “with” someone and talking “to” them.
  • Can you give this to Tom, it’s very important.” “I’ll make sure he gets it.”
  • The First Communion is an important ceremony in the Catholic Church.
  • First impressions are important.
  • It is important that we make an effort.
  • It’s important to nourish your children with good food.
  • I’m waiting for a very important call.
  • You’re forgetting one very important thing.
  • I’m about to make a very important phone call.

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