Mother’s Day İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri

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Sevgili takipçilerimiz, sizlere okuldaki öğrencilerimiz için ingilizce slogan örnekleri hazırladık. Öğretmenlerimizin ödev olarak istediği bazı konuların slogan örneklerin ingilizce hallerini sizlerle paylaşarak sizlere yardımcı olacağız. Türkçe’de ”Anneler Günü’ olarak bildiğimiz slogan örneğinin ingilizce halini sizlere aktaracağız.

Mother's Day İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri Nelerdir

Mother’s Day İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri

  • The most beautiful and the only flower in the world that never fades is the mother.
  • The most precious person whose presence is joy and whose absence is sadness is my mother.
  • They don’t have special powers, but the most special power of all is mothers. .
  • Get dressed, take care of yourself, if there’s anyone warning you not to turn on the January, take very good care of him.
  • To be a mother is to resist!
  • You are very special to me, Mom.
  • Yar like ana, there is no land like homeland.
  • A day without a mother is like an arid desert.
  • The mother is like a rose petal in the world.
  • A woman’s adornment is not her makeup, but her motherhood is beautiful.
  • My best friend
  • Mothers are self-sacrificing, they have the right to do whatever.
  • You are patient and warm, IT’S GOOD THAT YOU ARE MY MOTHER!! 

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