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Presindential İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri

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Sevgili takipçilerimiz, sizlere okulda ki öğrencilerimiz için slogan örnekleri hazırladık. Öğretmenlerimizin ödev olarak istediği bazı konuların slogan örneklerin ingilizce hallerini sizlerle paylaşarak sizlere yardımcı olacağız.

Presindential İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri Nelerdir

Presindential İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri

  • Let’s say we say, let’s vote.
  • Let’s support Seyda, let’s light our way.!
  • He does it with discipline,problems do not remain at all.Vote for Seydaya, let your wishes come true.!
  • Don’t waste the game, let Seyda win this election.!
  • Don’t stick to empty promises,go on a hard road with Seyda.!
  • Everyone talks empty,Seyda fulfills what he is going to do.You vote too, let’s be the winner.!
  • It’s hard to be a president,there’s a tough road ahead.Give me the game, don’t get stuck on the bend.
  • It takes courage to be president,women’s pride, support Seydaya, give her the vote.
  • Let’s be united, let’s vote for Seydaya.Let our school develop, let the age be at the school level.!
  • Vote for Seyda, never mind the rest
  • If you want to see the sun, there is no other president.!
  • Let’s vote for Seydaya, who defends our rights, always supports us, improves the school.

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