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House Cleaning İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri

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Sevgili takipçilerimiz, sizlere okuldaki öğrencilerimiz için ingilizce slogan örnekleri hazırladık. Öğretmenlerimizin ödev olarak istediği bazı konuların slogan örneklerin ingilizce hallerini sizlerle paylaşarak sizlere yardımcı olacağız. Türkçe’de ”Ev Temizliği’ olarak bildiğimiz slogan örneğinin ingilizce halini sizlere aktaracağız.

House Cleaning İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri Nelerdir

House Cleaning İle İlgili İngilizce Slogan Örnekleri

  • A clean environment is clean yourself
  • Clean, easy to keep clean
  • It may come as guest and keep your house clean , keep yourself clean, Grim Reaper can come
  • Think about your surroundings as much as you think about your own health
  • Jul-Jul clean society clean city
  • Makeup is nothing, cleaning is everything
  • The Jul-de-sac courtyard is the ornament of the house
  • There is an invitation to cleaning
  • It is the Person Who Makes the Environment the Environment
  • Don’t You Think It’s Time to Clean Up the World?
  • Cleaning is a job of respect, it is a modern person who succeeds”
  • The best cleaning poster is snow-white unpolluted paper.
  • Let’s be clean and loved, let’s be known as environmentally friendly.Jul.
  • Keep your environment clean so that your future is not polluted. Jul.
  • Jul Jul a clean society, a clean city.
  • Touch the soap to the water get rid of the germs.
  • Cleansing comes from Faith.
  • Clean city, clean environment.
  • White teeth,white smile
  • being healthy goes through the cleansing vein

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